The police assured that the investigation into the assassination of ex-volunteers Okueva and Osmayev will end soon

Investigation of criminal case upon attempt at life of former volunteer fighters from ATO Amines Okueva and her husband, Adam Osmaev is in its final stage.

This was stated by the chief of the National police in Kiev, Andriy kryschenko, writes “”

However, now, according to him, motives and possible customers of this crime is unknown.

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“It’s out of paranoia Osmayev and AquaWay”: Krinari said that the shooting at the hem was an accident

“The investigation is investigating two crimes – attempted murder of two persons and illegal possession of weapons. About the circumstances of performing criminal offenses Dakar indications did not give and was not going to give. Therefore, it is difficult to talk about the motivations and potential customers. There is a suspect, is evidence of his guilt, but until the end to unwind this chain, we have not obtained. While other people involved in the production,” said Krishchenko.

Videoadam Osman gave an exclusive interview to TSN together with his wife Amina Okueva

TSN. 19:30

26 Jun, 20:34

Recall that the shooting occurred on 1 June in the capital’s Podil. Volunteers battalion “Kiev-2” Adam Osmayev, which in Russia is accused of plotting to assassinate President Vladimir Putin, Amina Okueva came to interview with the alleged French journalist. At the meeting, he pulled a gun and got to Osmayev. His wife Amina began shooting in the response of premium firearms and shot the attacker. According to her, he was a coward, and immediately surrendered.

After the attack Natspolitsiya took under heavy guard and Okuwa Osmayev, who said that the attempt on the life of her husband was not for the first time.