British scientists almost a year spent on figuring out whether fish guppies “personality”

In England scientist a month scared of aquarium fish , guppy, to prove that they have personality.

About it reports The Washington Post.

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Five minutes of life of the experimental guppies looked like this: some days you swim with friends. Food falls from the sky. It’s all good. Then suddenly you find yourself in a foreign world where only you and the glass. At first you panic, but then the courage returns, you examine where you are. Around a glass wall and a piece of plastic on the floor of the aquarium, which provides minor housing.

Splash! Huge beak breaks the water. You hide under the plastic and wait for death. But the bill is not refundable and you look out in a minute or so and soon you return to familiar surroundings. Food and friends around again. Terrible memories fade and life becomes normal again.

For three days. Then it repeats. Again and again and again – because you guppies in the laboratory of Tom Housley, and he wants to understand the essence of your being.

Twitter/Tom Houslay
British scientists month threatened fish to determine those personality.

This fish could be any of the 105-year-guppies, two years ago, a team Housley in Exeter decided to put the regular doses of fear to determine whether they are personalities. According to the research team, are.

The results of the study are published in the journal Functional Ecology, and noted that each fish has demonstrated a unique response to stress, which is shifted every three days in the form of artificial herons or predatory cichlid (fish of the percoid series – ed.) who appeared out of nowhere.

just let me have a weekend dammit

— Tom Houslay (@tomhouslay) 26 Nov 2016.

“Some of them go directly to the shelter,” said Housley, evolutionary biologist and lead author of the study. “Someone just stops moving, perhaps with the hope that they won’t be seen. Some hurry to the side and just float up and down, trying to escape”.

It may not surprise those who have an aquarium, but a team of researchers went much further than a simple observer. They filmed and analyzed each fish, its attempts to cope with the horror. It turned out that some rather cowardly, others more bold.

Now scientists are interested in, is there any courage genetically from fish-parents to their children.

The results of the study are very interested in media, because they are destroying the common view on short term memory of a fish and a limited mind.

Plenty of media interest in @tomhouslay”s research on guppies @UniExeCornwall @UoExeterCEC @UniofExeter

— Exeter Uni News (@ExeterUniNews) 26 Sep 2017

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