World contraception day. The doctors talked about the most effective and dangerous methods of protection

September 26 – world contraception day. The main motto of this day: “Contraception: it’s your life, it is your responsibility”.

And although each year methods of contraception are increasing, the number of unplanned pregnancies remains high, and the number of people with sexually transmitted diseases is increasing.

Doctors say the main reason is the improper use of contraceptives, even for the most simple as condoms.

Many girls now use “grandma” methods and advice “experts” on the Internet that carry great harm to the body.

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In Ukraine, their methods are “not pregnant”. For example, there is a widespread opinion that if after intercourse, drink red wine and take a hot bath, an unplanned pregnancy is not to be.

Specialists and doctors told about the consequences of such experiments and the most effective methods of contraception.

Gynecologist Irina Dorosh argues that according to all international standards and recommendations is the best method of contraception is preformed hormonal contraceptives.

“Side effects individual, as noshpu and aspirin can also have different effects on the human body. Might as well go straight to the doctor and there all your wishes will get those or other drugs. Generally, with regard to side effects – it is a small category of people, usually 2-3%. Hormones start to operate with a second package, that is after 28 days. They aimed at the suppression of ovulation, suppression of the release of the egg. Effect after they pass quickly enough, after the failure of pills, in two weeks everything is restored. During the application of drugs, menstruation is less painful and, in General, the body comfortable.”

The doctor notes that any pills are given individually to patients, because all depends more on the menstrual cycle, hormonal imbalance and other factors.

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“This year was adopted by consensus among endocrinologists, dermatologists and gynecologists that all the skin rash first-line treatment is hormonal contraceptives. This is the category of international recommendations. That is, even if skin problems doctors prescribe hormonal contraceptives. Accordingly, all drugs are prescribed depending on what result the woman wants to, it can be painful during menstruation, and skin rashes, and follicular cysts, and so on”.

According to the gynecologist, the most advanced hormonal contraceptives is the intrauterine device containing progesterone.

“They have larger and smaller dose emitted substance. With a smaller dose is recommended in adolescents and nulliparous women. Women who are older, they have heavy menstruation, or after childbirth, in such cases it is possible to restore the hormonal system progesterone”.

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“In addition, there are simple intrauterine spiral, but it is believed that they used third world countries because they are foreign in the uterus. Ideally, put the Golden spiral, which is recommended, because they do not cause heavy menstruation, the growth of polyps or inflammatory process. That is, the spiral with the hormone, in contrast to the usual, it is the prevention of inflammation, as it inhibits the movement of mucus creating a so-called tube, allowing the inflammation to rise. Meanwhile, a simple spiral will just become a provocateur of such inflammation. This is the fundamental difference”.

Irina Dorosh says that if you use a simple spiral – pregnancy occurs, but the process doesn’t go further, hormonal spiral does not allow the sperm up, because pregnancy does not occur at all. This is their fundamental difference.

“There is a category of people who believe, from a religious point of view or their own that the establishment of a simple spiral is still abortion. But in a spiral with hormones, there is no movement of sperm in principle, the fertilization of an egg does not occur, so that it is in any case can not be considered a termination of pregnancy”.

The doctor recalled that neither pills nor spiral does not prevent sexually transmitted diseases. Therefore, HIV, hepatitis C, gonorrhea, chlamydia and other infections – the drugs don’t protect against them, and only the condom and the so-called chemical contraception.

As for the condoms, when used correctly, the chance of becoming pregnant is very low. It is almost zero. This applies to all products and funds. According to the gynecologist, all side effects and negative experience is only a violation of the user.

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“It is believed that the condom is 98% effective in preventing unplanned pregnancy. Can be any breaks, cracks on it. It often happens that the couple uses a condom, when it comes to sexual contact, then in the middle he put it on, the fact that after such experiments, begins an unplanned pregnancy. All preparations of the same condoms need to be applied correctly, following the instructions. Also do not skimp on that.”

Another common form of chemical contraception is tampons, candles and cream. But they should be carefully used because, if the tool is cheap, there may be an unplanned reaction. These creams can also prevent infection, hepatitis C and even HIV infections.

The doctor strongly recommends use of the calendar method because it is unreliable and facing an unplanned pregnancy.

“The calendar method is when a woman admits the open sexual intercourse on certain days of your menstrual cycle. It’s all very relative, and of course individually. In healthy women, ovulation may occur and on the day of the menstrual cycle.”

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There is a separate category of contraceptives – emergency. If during intercourse the condom broke or is it a rape that is more educated and modern ways – a one-time adoption of special pills.

The gynecologist notes that such drugs were developed during the war in the Balkans, when there was a lot of iznasilovani. But now they are available, but first and foremost is to consult a specialist.

The gynecologist Natalia Grigorovich claims that it all depends on how someone is “friendly” with hormones. In General, good contraception – a comprehensive approach – oral contraceptives (pills), mechanical (condoms), etc. But it should be understood that in each form of contraception has its advantages and disadvantages, and you should choose the best for yourself.

“Preformed contraceptives, in the first month of protection should only be used together with a condom. The first time is a side effect and you can get pregnant because the ovaries have not “asleep”. Here is the development of certain hormones that inhibit ovulation and do not allow to reach the egg, consequently the woman is not pregnant. The good thing about this method is that if a woman has a hormonal disorder, then we select her special hormones”.

Another subspecies of contraception – spirals. They are mechanical (just to protect from unwanted pregnancy), and there are expensive spiral Mirena with the hormone (is the protection from unwanted pregnancy, plus it has healing properties). If oral contraceptives can parous and nulliparous, IUD is best used only parous women.

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“There is also a hormonal ring NuvaRing is called, it is set to a specific day of the menstrual cycle and is taken out in the day. This is useful when women have small children or are they burdened with work and do not set out to memorize what you need to take a pill. The ring is inserted and everything is very convenient.”

Who quite categorically afraid of hormones, and they have one sexual partner, there are non-hormonal drugs vaginal suppositories and creams.

“Five minutes before intercourse introduced a candle or ointment with an applicator and it helps against unwanted pregnancy. But this is done before every sexual act, even if it is repeated”.

Now among the Ukrainians common contraceptive is considered to be coitus interruptus. The doctor says that this cannot be considered a reliable method, but Yes, now it is popular.

The book reminds us that every form of contraception has its own specific danger. Harmless method is a condom just because it has double protection.

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“It is important to understand that for each all individually. And you can’t start any reception on the advice of a friend or acquaintance, you first need to go to the doctor. For example, IUDs also have their contraindications – disease of the cervix uteri, in such cases, it is simply not installed. Any inflammatory process is strictly prohibited the establishment of spirals, because all that is in the vagina, all the germs and the infection will spread even further.”

“All the tips from the Internet, such that it is necessary to climb in a hot bath and drink some wine – not true. If pregnancy is and it flows well in a healthy body, it is already no kill. This advice is all nonsense.”

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According to the gynecologist, when in the course of using contraceptives women still get pregnant, it speaks or about the poor quality of contraceptives, or their incorrect application. But, to calculate the biological method, it is done solely with a gynecologist.

“It is possible to count, should be tested and then the gynecologist will be able to tell you when ovulation what cycle and so on. But it is understood that this is not a guarantee of 100%, probably more like 50-60%”.

It is possible after intercourse to douche, some small percentage is in this. But, the fact that the Internet is advised to douche with lemon, vinegar and other methods – not worth it. Good sperm “run so far” to the egg and nothing would help.

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