In the US a woman all night and danced with the employees of the airport, late for a flight

American named Mahshid of Masuji all night stuck at the international airport “Charlotte Douglas” (“Charlotte Douglas”), but decided not to waste time and have a little fun. Therefore, a woman danced along with the staff.

Live fire-dancing Mahshid posted on a private YouTube channel.

Having plenty of free time, the woman entertained herself and lifted the mood of the airport staff and the local Starbucks.

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A video in which Mahshid used the hit American singer Lionel Richie’s “All Night Long” in 1983, has managed to gain over a million views and become “viral”.

She Mashed in the description of the video said: “I missed my flight in Charlotte, but didn’t want to just sit all night and be mad, so I did what makes me happy… DANCE!!!! Oh, and I even found myself some great friends! Thank you that your problems have disappeared along with my dancing!!! :)”

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YouTube users reacted positively to the initiative Mahshid. One of the users wrote: “Oh my God! I wish more people overcome their own problems in such a way!”. “You are the light in this dark world! Thank you for what you do positive in such a bad situation!” – said another.

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