40 minutes of shelling from rocket-propelled grenades near the Crimean and return fire of Ukrainian soldiers. Digest ATO

From midnight fighters four times violated the truce. Ukrainian soldiers return fire twice forced the enemy to adhere to the regime of silence. In the result of combat losses among the Ukrainian military no.

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In Moldova have detained and will be judged militant “DNR”

Morning adventure first released over 20 min caliber 82 millimeters and hit from a heavy machine gun at Ukrainian positions near Marinka.

Subsequently, they fired 82-millimeter mortar rounds and even the homes of civilians of this village. The consequences of destructions and victims information is specified.

On Donetsk the direction from grenade launchers and small arms at the enemy was a fire on the outskirts of the Town, and heavy machine guns were used near the Sands.

On Lugansk the direction automatic grenade launchers and small arms Pro-Russian mercenaries almost 40 minutes worked at Ukrainian strongholds near the Crimean.

We will remind, the court in Vitebsk has announced the conviction of 29-year-old citizen of Belarus Alexei Arsova, who fought in the Donbass on the side of “DNR”. The man received 2 years of restriction of liberty without serving the sentence in a correctional facility. Arsov published photos from fighting in social networks. As a result, the investigators were many photos, which the gunman posing with guns against tanks, near the entrance to Donetsk.

Videoroliki shelled Marinka

TSN. Wounds

26 Sep, 08:25