Holiday abduction: Sumy called the police, seeing as the birthday boy shoved in the trunk

In Sumy in the middle of the day kidnapped. Boy tied up by several men and stuffed in the trunk of a car. This scene saw the passerby and immediately scored 102. The city declared the plan interception. Soon the kidnappers and their victim was found near a children’s Park. They quietly ate sandwiches.

As it turned out, the kidnapping is a prank for the birthday boy, who that day was celebrating coming of age. Pranksters took to the station, where they tried to convince the police of the innocence of his little game. In the end the brawlers face a fine for disorderly conduct.

“We tied him up with duct tape, wrapped around the feet, hands, carried it outside and put it in the trunk. In the trunk were the balls inflated,” – say the friends of the birthday boy.

“I would like to thank an ordinary citizen who showed vigilance and called into 102, which in turn gave the ability to respond quickly and to understand the situation,” say the police.

Video greetings birthday in Sumy militiamen searched for the guy who got kidnapped in the middle of the day

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