A supporter of terrorists Kobzon led the children’s music Academy in the “DNR”

Amateur fighters and Russian singer Iosif Kobzon became the leader of the “Children’s music Academy” the so-called “DNR”.

About the launch of the educational project was announced at a meeting Thursday with students and teachers of music schools of “the Republic”, write “RIA Novosti” with reference to the media fighters.

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In the framework of master-classes and competitions will be conducted by teachers from Russia.

“I got a real pleasure. Look at children and think: what war they can win? No. Explosions over and they immediately run to the tools. This meeting was not ceremonial, not legal, and very useful. What we saw, it’s just wonderful. Talented children “, – said Kobzon odious.

We will remind, recently the President of Russia Vladimir Putin congratulated the 80th anniversary of the singer and sympathetic militants “DNR” Joseph Kobzon, making him an unusual gift. Kobzon with his wife was invited to the Kremlin, where Putin poured them some tea and made a show. According to the singer, the Russian President said: “How not to stop the bison running, you don’t stop Kobzon, who sings”. After that, he made the bronze statue of a Buffalo.