Georgian cooks have baked a thousand khachapuri for 15 minutes in the capital’s Botanical garden

In the capital the Botanical garden of the Georgian cooks set a record – two dozen braziers simultaneously prepared their own traditional cheese pastries. A thousand khachapuri for 15 minutes, says TSN.19:30.

All close to each other in advance, and after that fried and handed out to the guests of the festival of Georgian culture. All is not enough, because, despite the cold weather, visitors gathered several thousand. They learned how to cook national dishes, danced to folk and contemporary Georgian music and drinking wine.

Organizers say, so they want to make Georgia closer to Ukrainian. Although the tourist attractiveness of this country and so is growing every year – in 2017, Georgia was visited by more than 250 thousand Ukrainians.

“Georgia for the Ukrainians is always an open door, this is a very similar country, because we have the same insides, it’s hospitality, humanity, kindness,” says the Ambassador of Georgia in Ukraine, Gela Dumbadze.

Videosecu khachapuri for 15 minutes prepared by Georgian chef in the capital’s Botanical garden

TSN. 19:30

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