Russia has admitted that helping the rebels from the Donbass to export coal – Bloomberg

Deputy economy Minister of Russia Sergey Nazarov said that his country is helping the militants from the Donbass to export coal to bypass the trade embargo by the government of Ukraine.

In an interview with Bloomberg, he said that in August, the militants sent to Russia about 1 million tons of coal across their common border.

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February 14, 10:30

Then Russia through their sea ports re-exports coal from the Donbass in a third country.

“Now they solve all their problems with social infrastructure, the budget and pensions,” – said Nazarov, who in June was included in the sanctions list of the USA for the management of “projects in transport, trade, energy, taxes and the financial sector” for the Pro-Russian separatists in the Donbass.

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We will remind, the acting General Director of “DTEK Energo” Dmitry Sakharuk said that the militants intend to export Donbass coal abroad. In particular, who is preparing a shipment to Turkey and Spain. What we see is about 50 thousand tons of anthracite per month, there are attempts to put it in the Turkey. Also the ship in the amount of 30 thousand tons are harvested in Spain,” said Sakharuk.

DTEK warned potential buyers about the possible sale of coal from the zone ATO, so this coal will be tested in the ports of the countries of arrival.