Gerashchenko promised surprises in the presidential bill on the reintegration of Donbass

A presidential bill on the reintegration of Donbas contains some “unexpected moments”, which will strengthen the diplomatic position and to keep the international sanctions against Russia.

This was announced by first Deputy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada, Ukraine’s representative to the Humanities subgroup of the Trilateral contact group Irina Gerashchenko in Facebook.

“The draft legislation Poroshenko will be some important and unexpected moments that will strengthen our diplomatic stance aimed at maintaining sanctions against Russia and their support – it will be a test for VR,” – said the MP.

According to her, the key philosophy of the President’s bill, which is scheduled to make Wednesday at BP, there is a return, not a rejection of the temporarily occupied territories.

In her opinion, the question of the return of the Crimea remains in focus of attention of the authorities as a priority.

“Worked on the project the experts of the national security Council, advisers of the head of state, was involved, the deputies , had several

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dozen versions, conducted a thorough consultation with our European and American partners with respect to Ukrainian position on a clear definition of the status of the temporarily occupied Russian territories and the determination of the occupant country”, – said Gerashchenko.

She also announced that after the official introduction by President bill MPs will meet again in Minsk informal platform, in order to “bring closer the positions” of the Parliament and head of state in this matter.

As previously reported, President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that instructed to develop a bill on the reintegration of Donbass, which will include a number of measures for the return of the occupied territories of Ukraine.

Garant said that the key position is the reintegration of these territories. According to him, in the preparation of the draft law with participation of experts, people’s deputies. In addition, the bill is based on the terms enshrined in the Minsk agreements.

The speaker of Parliament Andriy Parubiy stressed that the draft law on de-occupation of certain regions of Donetsk and Luhansk regions, will allow to use all branches of the military without restriction of democratic procedures and recognizes areas ORDA occupied.

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