In Kiev, two in masks have stolen from the car a bag with a million hryvnia

In the Dnipro district Kyiv, two assailants in masks took away from the car 30-the summer man purse and a bag with a million hryvnia.

It is reported by the Department of communication of the police of Kiev.

The man stopped at a traffic light, two men in balaclavas smashed the glass in his car and took the passenger seat purse and Luggage bag, which was one million hryvnias. After the deed, the attackers fled in a dark vehicle. The victim first went to the office and then called the police. Explaining 30-year-old man he wanted to buy a car.

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Information registered in the Magazine of the uniform accounting of statements and messages of the Dnieper police Department. The issue of opening of criminal proceedings under part 5 of article 186 (robbery) of the Criminal code of Ukraine.

Militiamen establish all circumstances of incident, interviewing local residents – possible witnesses and eyewitnesses and searching for the attackers on the entrepreneur.

In Kiev at the Studio Dovzhenko three unknown in masks made assault on the car that was transporting money collected from exchange offices.

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