Hangover in Bukovina: the raccoons that ransacked the grocery store, suffer from the alcohol

The circus administrator Vasily Kolos told about the health of raccoons who broke into the store in Bukovina, and drank vodka, cognac and beer.

At this time, according to see.

“All this drank. Raccoons were drunk, with the smell. They have the third day of intoxication, called the police. I think they’re going to be okay, raccoons medical treatment, projapoti, sacuiu the administrator of the circus.

Because of drinking raccoons are unable to enter the arena – instead they “take the rap” three striped peers.

Videonot gauze showed a master class on cuddling in the Studio Sedanca

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21 Aug, 13:19

The owner of the shop a police report neither the raccoons nor the owners have not filed. However, when I saw in the store damaged goods, of course, rushed to sort things out with the circus.

But according to Spike, the owner of the shop managed to walk away without scandal.

We will remind, earlier in a Network there was video of the Moscow subway where the guy is drinking gatunku of fast food along with notom. The journalists decided to find the owner of the animal and the caudate. As it turned out, Dmitry Reshetnik and raccoon gauze and a half years as friends. Go everywhere together – to the shops, to work, even on concerts.

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