The Council of the public integrity was accused of appeals to Poroshenko to illegal actions

The high qualification Commission of judges accused the Public Council of integrity, abuse of power and spreading false information because of the appeal to the President Petro Poroshenko not to claim 111 candidates for membership of the new Supreme Court of Ukraine.

The corresponding statement on Tuesday published by the press service VCXO.

Videopussy the judicial Council chose the candidates for the Supreme court

TSN. 16:45

29 Sep, 20:24

It is noted that as a result of judicial reform, all political institutions have lost the opportunity to influence the appointment or dismissal of judges. Only the High Council of justice can do it.

“The President can only sign a decree on the appointment of judges to office – he can’t bring him back or not to sign. No need to urge the President to illegal actions”, – said in a statement.

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The Commission believes that “experiment with the vesting of public authority functions impact on the results of the competition, perhaps is unfortunate.”

“Public integrity Council is a body which should help to analyse the candidate profile. He can’t make decisions as a last resort and decide who is good and who is not. OSD is just one of the tools of competition,” says VCXO.

The Commission on the results of the public competition chose the winners of 120, the High Council of justice recommended that 111 of them.

“At the same time GSO puts forward an ultimatum – to agree with all the conclusions and “remove” those candidates who don’t like members of the Public Council. Members of OSD behave as if the competition is completely up to their opinions, but other factors, exam, test, interview, expert assessment of competence do not matter,” – said in a statement.

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Also VCXO noted that the experts of the Council of Europe, the European Union has produced several critical reports on the quality of the work of OSD, but the OSD completely ignore them.

We will remind, the High qualification Commission of judges determined the winners in the new Supreme Court in July. Among the winners – professors and teachers of higher educational institutions, the judge is a volunteer, who defended the Donetsk airport, defenders with experience at the European court of human rights, lawyers who have been educated at leading international universities.