The conflict in the times: due to the construction of AZS activists scuffled with police and broke the complex

In Kiev on the eve, October 4, in the evening there were clashes near the already controversial construction of a gas station.

As the correspondent of TSN, in a fight at least three protesters and a policeman were injured.

On Wednesday, the activists came to the gas station to destroy the fence, which almost completes the object. To the place called the police headed by chief of the district police. He tried to talk with local activists, but a man flew eggs. After that, it was caused by reinforcement with a group of militiamen in helmets. They stormed protesters who responded with stones.

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In the result there are victims, and the columns of the filling, which was wrapped in foil, destroyed. Police the night of the pogrom has not yet commented.

We will remind, inhabitants of the capital times is not the first month of protest against the construction of gas station under Windows of high-rise buildings. From high risk to the nearest house of the people counted not more than 38 metres and 10 metres from public transport. The initiative group has filed a lawsuit against the developer, and the Kiev government issued a document on the cessation of work.

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The land plot allocated for the construction of an open Parking lot, but the developer changed purpose and has started to build a gas station. The Kiev government is ready to terminate the lease because of violations because the order to suspend the construction not run. The facade can be seen that the gas station belongs to a network of OKKO. They said that I am not a developer, and all work is performed by OOO “Park Guell”. This firm owns the facility and the land, which “Concern Galnaftogaz” (“OKKO”) plans to redeem in the future, but only subject to the completion and filling in operation is in full compliance with all laws and regulations in force in Ukraine.

Videoproject against the construction of filling stations in the capital ended in clashes between activists and police

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