A special counter and warm to wear. As economically to warm up before turning the heating season

In Ukraine in kindergartens, hospitals and schools have started to give heat. But in the homes of Ukrainians still cold.

How warm the residents of the apartments, according to a story Sedanca z 1+1.

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People try not to use heaters because they spend a lot of electricity. Some people put a bucket of water on the fire: thus, one can raise the temperature by a few degrees, though not for long. I go to sleep in full “ammunition” – robe, pants and socks.

Those who can afford additional expenditures heated housing with air conditioning and Underfloor heating. According to statistics, most electricity consuming heaters, washing machine, dishwasher and air conditioning. You can save considerably only in this way is to use these devices at night. From 23.00 till 7.00 – factor is “0,4”, and it is three times cheaper. To be terifically in this way, you need to submit a special application to your utility, which will set the appropriate counter.

We will remind, two weeks before the official start of the heating season, the government reportedthat the reasons for the unrest there – the heat will turn on at the time.