The occupation court extended the arrest of “Crimean terrorists” Panov and Saftey

Controlled by the Russian occupying administration “Supreme court” of the Crimea, extended for two months the arrest of two defendants in the case “Crimean saboteurs” Evgeny Panov and Andrew Sachau.

It is reported by Crimea.Realities.

Meeting Panov was closed, but the Ukrainian lawyer sought to have the decision announced publicly. Meeting Sahaja also occurred behind closed doors.

In the end, both will stay in a Russian prison at least until 9 December.

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Defender Evgeny Panov Sergey Legostaev noted that the leadership of the detention center restricts his client’s right to receive information. Newspaper delivered to Ukrainian, steal. Do not give a subscription. And literature in prison except religious.

Videoarta theft or diversion: as Eugene gentry was in occupied Crimea

TSN. 19:30

11 August 2016, 19:54

Recall, 10 August 2016 of the Federal security service of the Russian Federation said about prevention in the occupied Crimea, acts of terrorism, which was allegedly prepared by the Main intelligence Department of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine. Also, the FSB told about the elimination of “intelligence network” of the Ukrainian intelligence in the Crimea among citizens of Ukraine and Russia.

One of the organizers of terrorist attacks called the inhabitant of the Zaporozhye region Yevgeny Panov, who served in the 37th battalion private motophoto APU under the call sign “Eugene”, which was discharged in August of last year. The brother of the detained Ukrainian claims that he was kidnapped on the territory of mainland Ukraine and were taken to the occupied territory. The court Panov was arrested for two months.

Also in the case of the “Ukrainian saboteurs” in the Crimea was detained Sahta Andrei Romanovich, who was vacationing in the Crimea. Judging from Facebook Andrew Sahaja, he hails from the city of Borislav of Lviv region, he graduated from the Drohobych state pedagogical Institute. I. Franko. The place of residence he noted the Crimean Yevpatoria, but apparently he lived in Moscow. In June last year Zatkhey pointed by Geoteam to your photos of the Russian capital. In addition, the spouse of the detainee Oksana Stetsyuk, a native of Lviv, the residence indicates Moscow. They have a daughter who was born in January last year.

Previously accused the Russian authorities of “preparing terrorist attacks” in Crimea Evgeny Panov and Andrew Sahta recanted, which they gave immediately after the arrest in August of 2016. Gentry also spoke about the terrible torturethat he was used by the FSB: beaten with an iron pipe, hung and beaten with electric current.

Videoengine Panov and Andrew Sahaja was transferred to the Crimea

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16 Feb, 09:10