Six months from the start of the fiscal registration of complex technologies even known to the sellers violate the law – a study


This is evidenced by the results of the research methodology “mystery shopper,” conducted by research center of independent consumer expertise “Test”, – told the journalists of the program “snidanok z 1+1”.

Videokatie rights the buyer has when buying equipment


September 26, 11:22

The experiment involved 20 of the most popular online stores that has issued the search engine google for “buy smartphone”. The aim of the study to check your Internet shopping Laws of Ukraine on Protection of consumers ‘ rights, DDM and the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers № 231 “On approval of the list of groups of technically sophisticated household goods subject to warranty repair or replacement, for the application of registrars of settlement operations”.

At the same time, the number of consumer complaints to online sellers for 6 months in 2017 by 15% more than for all of 2016

Thus according to BP.and.about. Deputy head of Gospodarevskaya Lilies, Stirenko on online shopping receives far more complaints than “classic sellers”. However, such a sharp increase in the number of malcontents they did not expect.

According to experts, the reason for this number of complaints that the Internet sellers is much more difficult to control, and they are often illegally imported goods, which was made for European markets and is not suitable for use on the territory of Ukraine.

According to the Manager of the consumer electronics Committee of the European Business Association of Victoria Kulikova, up to 20% of the consumer electronics segment are imported into Ukraine in violation of the law.

“The risks to the consumer? This product may not be suitable for our market to work on is prohibited in Ukraine radio frequencies to be compatible with our networks. But to prosecute such sellers is almost impossible, because they are difficult to identify,” – said the expert, adding that the presence of a fiscal receipt allows not only to identify the seller, but also allows Hospitible promptly to arrange a test of the offender and to bring him to justice in case of non-fulfillment of norms of the Law on protection of consumer rights.

“The buyer, whose rights have been violated, appeals to the manufacturer, but often we have to refuse, as a manufacturer in a given market, the conditions for the maintenance service of products designed just for this market, – said the lawyer of the company “Samsung electronics Ukraine” Eugene School.

According to experts, it is necessary to provide the buyer the opportunity to check each document in the fiscal base of the tax. “This is especially important when during the warranty term something happens with this product, because we support bill No. 6757 of kasbekar for sellers, who are obliged to trade through the cash register,” says Alexander League, Board member of Ukrainian Federation of consumers “Pulse”.

The essence of innovations explained by economists: “If such a check is in the database, the buyer receives the full protection of their rights. And if not, then concerning the seller first conducted a Desk audit and he must pay a fine. If he doesn’t carried out the actual inspection, the customer receives not only the product itself, but covers 100% of its value, – says the expert of the “Tax reform” Reanimation package of reforms neskhodovsky. Since we don’t go for us consumers to request a check, he will not require it”.

While experts are looking for a way out of the circle “the smuggling scheme – grey market – dishonest seller,” the consumer must escape on their own and watch out, the document he was given and all required information about the seller it contains?

We will remind that on may 8, 2017 entered into force the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 231 of 16 March 2017 “On approval of the list of groups of technically sophisticated household goods subject to warranty repair or replacement, for the application of registrars of settlement operations”.