In Klimkin responded to the idea of Hungary to reconsider the Association of Ukraine with EU

Ukrainian diplomats are surprised by the statement of foreign Minister of Hungary regarding the possible revision of the Association agreement between Ukraine and the EU. This is stated in a statement the Ministry of foreign Affairs statement.

“Hungary has the right to raise questions within the EU. But the solution in respect of Ukraine can not be accepted without Ukraine, which pays an extremely high price for its place in Europe”, – stated in the document. The authors emphasize that the European future was and remains the common goal of all Ukrainian citizens, including the Hungarian nationality. “It was under the flags of a United Europe was a Revolution of Dignity. It is for the European future of Ukraine is suffering from the Russian aggression,” the Russian diplomats.

Videocrash foreign Minister hopes for constructive dialogue with Hungary

TSN. Pdsmi day

27 Sep, 01:05

They recall that used to think of Hungary as a partner, so the “repeatedly stated its openness to substantive talks” on the contentious issues, particularly regarding the law on education and the visit of the representatives of the Hungarian government in Transcarpathia. However, understanding and reciprocal steps met not always. “However, the Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine P. Klimkin ready to visit Budapest on 12 October, and the Minister of education and science of Ukraine L. Hrynevych confirmed readiness to meet with the Minister of human resources of Hungary.By Balog in Kiev on 19 October,” according to the foreign Ministry.

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“We are ready for dialogue at the international level, at the community level and within international organizations. We are waiting for representatives of the Hungarian Parliament in Kiev and Transcarpathia. But the debate should be conducted on the basis of arguments. We also invite our European friends and partners to visit the region and speak directly with the people of the region to understand the situation on the ground,” – said in a statement released by the Ukrainian Ministry.

Earlier it was reported that the Minister of foreign Affairs of Hungary Peter Cuatro said that the performance of Hungary and Romania against a new law “On education” completely natural. The official said that he considered the adoption of the Ukrainian law as a “stab in the back” of the two States.