Ukraine, the UN stated that Russia is ready to strengthen the military’s action

Concentrations of troops and heavy artillery and armored machinery of the Russian Federation near the contact line in the East of Ukraine shows that Russia is ready to increase in fighting from the occupied territory at any moment.

This was stated on Monday during the First Committee of the UN Director of the Department for international security Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Sergiy Shutenko, writes UKRINFORM.

“The Russian military command remains committed to strengthening the fighting. This is evidenced by the large number of heavy weapons deployed near the contact line. From the beginning of 2017 in the forbidden areas recorded a deployment of more than 1.5 thousand tanks, artillery systems, including artillery, missiles and mortars”, – said the Ukrainian representative.

He stressed that since the beginning of the year Ukraine has initiated three large-scale cease-fire along the line of collision, and each time the Russian occupying forces and their supporters violate it. “At the same time, the Russian occupation forces deliberately carried out provocative shelling of residential areas,” said shutenkov. Moreover, in order to conceal violations, the Russian occupation forces obstructed the work of observers of the OSCE SMM and restrict their access to areas of concentration of their forces.

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According to the diplomat, in the period from mid-may to August 2017 Mission to monitor human rights in Ukraine recorded 26 killed and 135 wounded among the civilian population. In General, the conflict has killed more than 10 thousand people, 25 thousand wounded, and 1.6 million were forced to leave their homes. “These figures are more eloquent than any words. They require harsh reaction from the entire international community. Violent crimes of the aggressor state must be stopped”, – said the representative of Ukraine.

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He stressed that the Ukrainian government continues to be devoted to the implementation of the Minsk agreements. “We do not support a military solution, and we believe that the available political means should be used to stop Russian aggression against Ukraine and avoid further suffering for the civilian. This aggression that is based on clear imperialist ambitions against the European and transatlantic unity as the basic elements of the global security order”, – said the representative of the foreign Ministry of Ukraine.

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In this regard, he called on the international community “to increase pressure on the aggressor to restore respect for fundamental principles of the UN Charter and international law.”