PACE approved the resolution calling for the lifting of sanctions against Russia

The parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe adopted a resolution which provides for the lifting of sanctions against Russia.

Reports about it “European truth”.

The document States that the PACE and the Committee of Ministers (the Executive body of the Council of Europe) must “harmonize the rules for the participation and representation of member countries in both statutory bodies”.

According to the ideologues of this rule, it should prohibit the PACE to continue the sanctions imposed on Russia without the consent of the member countries. Given that the sanctions must be renewed each year, the restrictions could be lifted in January, explained to the publication.

This provision was supported by the vast majority of PACE deputies, and all amendments proposed by the Ukrainian delegation was rejected. Against the norm, voted by all the deputies except the Yulia Liovochkina – she was supportive.

The specific mechanism for the implementation of new regulations may be developed governing bodies of the PACE in the coming months.

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