SBU has published photos and called the names of six citizens of Serbia from the PMC “Wagner”

The Chairman of the security Service of Ukraine Vasyl Hrytsak has published the personal details of six citizens of Serbia in respect of which collected irrefutable evidence of the participation of PMCs in “Wagner.”

“We are aware of many foreigners who are involved in crime of this terrorist group,” he said at a briefing on Wednesday, adding that it will publish information with the permission of the investigators.

Hrytsak called six citizens of Serbia, who fought in the ranks of “Wagner” – Alexander Milovanovic, Dragan Mirkovic, Dusko Lukic, Zoran Peacock, Nedo Stojanovic and Davor Savicic.


According to the head SBU, the information about the persons who in the summer of 2014 were PMC “Wagner” in Ukraine, and from August 2015 in Syria, regularly transmitted through the proper channels partner intelligence services.

In the SBU said that in Serbia in 2014, criminalizes mercenary activities. The Ukrainian secret service hopes that the information published will help to bring these persons to justice.

Videosby provided evidence of the involvement of mercenaries “Wagner” to the occupation of the Crimea and of the boiler in Debaltsevo

TSN. Week

8 Oct, 20:10