Night war and the remarkable Aero investigation: activation of militants in the South of the Donetsk region are not scared of the military

Four Ukrainian soldiers were wounded at the front in the last days, two of them near Shirokino. It is on the South of Donetsk region there is now a threatening situation with militant activity, according to a story TSN.19:30.

The Ukrainians were regularly shelling from heavy machine guns and heavy machine antitank grenade launchers, however, to break the military can’t. “I have no fear, long gone,” – says one of the soldiers on the front line. Call “Han” before the war was engaged in farming and never even hands did not touch the guns, and now he and “Dasha” one pair steel. “Went to contract. The feeling: without me, there will be no war. Sitting, watching the news as our boys year sat came around and again here,” – said the military.

Videogon invaders wounded of the Ukrainian military on the front

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 20:11

The war in the positions on the sea of Azov is mainly at night. “Organisms,” as the boys called Russian mercenaries, sometimes even dark and out in the field, but the day the enemy becomes stronger. Once it gets dark and starts to provoke our children, and well, now that without heavy artillery. Usually its cause of unmanned drones invaders, against which the Ukrainian soldiers do not have a Council, because they fly too high. “All positions are zeroed, Aero investigation works well, the thermal imaging cameras on the drones are, working in online regime”, – says one of the soldiers APU.

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Heavy fighters from mortars fired at positions of Ukrainian armed forces near Shyrokyne

The soldiers on the front line crept experimental – fighting 2014. The battalion commander managed to keep the backbone and the core of the battalion is good gives the teeth sublocales Russian vacationers. The guys are really living the war and know how to defeat the enemy. “Believe in yourself, in your own strength, to unite the whole country,” reveals the recipe fighter Alexander.

As reported before, several sniper teams appeared on the party of fighters in the Azov region of Donbass. They suddenly hit the Ukrainian military and aims at officers.

The TSN reporter Ruslan Yarmolyuk