Switzerland annually drains into the sewer 43 kg of gold

In wastewater in Switzerland annually gets a large amount of precious metals as a waste of high-tech production for the sum about three millions of francs, according to the Swiss Federal Institute of aquatic science and technology.

Experts checked the quality and composition of water 64 water treatment facilities and found that the drain is not only gold, but also silver and rare metals – niobium and gadolinium. They all are in the form of fine particles and do not threaten people or the environment.

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The researchers calculated that each year, Switzerland sends in wastewater is about 3 million kg of silver, 43 kg of gold, more than 1 thousand kg of gadolinium, 1.5 thousand kg of neodymium and 150 kg of ytterbium.

A large concentration of gold, ruthenium and rhodium was discovered in the area where production is concentrated hours. And in the wastewater of another part of the country contains much gold that it can be easy to get.

Recall that the Bank of Switzerland blocked almost half a ton of gold, which belongs to Viktor Yanukovych and his entourage. However, on his return too early, because Ukraine must first provide evidence that this condition has been removed illegally.

Videosmature called the conditions under which Ukraine will return the gold face from the environment Yanukovych

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