The state property Fund is again preparing for the privatization of the Odessa portside plant, which has a large debt

Odessa port plant are planning to once again send on privatization in the spring of 2018 it will auction.

About it on air “Gromadsky TV” said the acting Chairman of the state property Fund of Ukraine Vitaly Trebarov.

“This issue is on the home stretch. Completed inventory of property. Valuation firm, which we selected on the competition already does the job. Somewhere in December we will see the product with which we can reach out to public to say that the company is worth so much, we can go to the Cabinet and have to work out the modalities of privatization, which next year we are going to finish with this company. In my opinion, it’s somewhere in spring,” said Trebarov.

One of the main problems of the SCR – financial. The debt of the plant before Group DF Dmytro Firtash is 250 million dollars. Now the way of the closing of the debt are looking for in the state property Fund and the Cabinet.

“There are a couple of ways. The first way is to restructure debt in the country. Or will it be included in the estimate, the audit of the company and a new investor who will buy a plant, it will count on it,” said Trebarov.

We will remind, on July 18, 2016, the state property Fund could not sell the IPF, because no company has applied to participate in the competition with a starting price of 13,175 billion. Therefore, the government has lowered the starting price in 2,5 times — to 5.16 billion, and extended the term of privatization of the plant. However, the buyer again was not. The Deputy Chairman of the IPF Nikolay shchurikov stated that the main contenders for the acquisition of 99.6% stake in the plant – PJSC “Ukrnefteburenie” and DCH – refused to participate in the auction. The failure of the competition shchurikov accused the state property Fund.

Videodesi port plant again can’t sell

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7 December 2016, 21:42