Ukrainians actively are in banks money on Deposit and get in loans

At the end of September in Ukraine 1.7% increase in the money supply to 1 trillion 123.3 billion UAH. This was due to the increase in balances on deposits (by 2.6%, month-to-month).

This is evidenced by the preliminary data of the “Monetary statistics” for September of 2017, reports the national Bank.

For the fourth consecutive month the population and enterprises to actively take out loans. In September, the credit portfolio of Ukrainian banks in local currency increased by 1.4%. In dollars, take less. There was a slight increase in the cost of Bank loans in local currency. Over the month, the cost to business grew by 0.6%, for households – by 1.3%. But the value of new foreign currency loans to businesses fell by 0.5%.

Increased the sums on Deposit: in UAH – by 1.1%, in dollars – by 0.8%. The population increases mostly hryvnia-denominated deposits, the corporate sector currency. At the end of September has significantly decreased the interest rate on deposits in national currency (0.8% to 10.6%) and business deposits in foreign currency (0.7% to 1.9%).