Hungary plays “dirty nationalist policy” because of the law on education in Ukraine – Bildt

The revision of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU, which Hungary is threatened because of the Ukrainian law on education, is categorically impossible.

This was stated by former Minister of foreign Affairs of Sweden, co-chair of the European Council on foreign relations, Carl Bildt, reports Radio Liberty.

Videocrash foreign Minister hopes for constructive dialogue with Hungary

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“No, that’s impossible. The Hungarians took the habit home to dirty political game, as they already did a few years ago in Slovakia. They also behave in relation to Romania. It is nothing like a dirty nationalist policy, which plays Hungary”, – he said.

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Former NATO Secretary General and Advisor to the President of Ukraine Anders Fogh Rasmussen also believes that the revision of the Association Agreement impossible.

“Even from a legal standpoint, I’m not sure the Hungarians can re-open the discussion of the Association Agreement. It ratified, came into force and return to his watching is impossible,” he said.

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Rasmussen added that he sees no problem in the Ukrainian education act.

“The Hungarians, in my opinion, has not provided any evidence of signs or examples of what this law is contrary to European principles,” – said the former Secretary General of NATO.

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Recall, September 5 during a meeting of the Rada adopted the law of Ukraine “On education”, which introduced the 12-year secondary education. The language of instruction in educational institutions determined by the state. The document envisages that the institutions can be taught one or more courses in two or more languages – Kazakh, English and other official languages of the European Union. Persons who belong to indigenous peoples and national minorities of Ukraine is guaranteed the right to education in their native language along with the Ukrainian language in public institutions of preschool and General secondary education.

Romania and Hungary, criticized the adopted law on education, believing that it violates the rights of national minorities in Ukraine. Statements with respect to Ukrainian law by the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the two countries.

The President of Moldova Igor Dodon hopes that Ukraine will reject the new education act because of the violation of the rights of national minorities. According to him, the new education Act will lead to the abolition of the system of education in the native language of the ethno-cultural minorities in Ukraine.

Subsequently, in Russia, this law called “an act of forced Ukrainianization, which constituted a flagrant violation of Ukraine ratified the European Charter for regional or minority languages”. “The state Duma has prepared a statement regarding the Ukrainian law on education, in which he condemned adoption by the Verkhovna Rada of the document. The Russian foreign Ministry stressed that the document infringes on the interests of millions of Russian-speaking residents of Ukraine.

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September 29, 11:52