The military said, as will celebrate the best defender of the Fatherland Day

Military in the South of Donetsk region continue to record the growth of activity of insurgents and to protect your position against sudden attacks, which can begin in any part of the day. Armed with the defenders of Ukraine no heavy caliber, but there are guns, whose age is close to 100 years, says the story TSN.19:30.

“Sometimes, light pristrelite – we do not react. And it happens with BMP, allowed magazines like “Partisan”, then you have to answer,” says fire activity of the enemy soldier with the Callsign “Stuart”. Positions around the APU of the hidden pits, as if to confirm that Pro-Russian militants do not stop or artillery cannon, or “Grad”.

Videofrag at the front opened fire with about four dozen times

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 20:06

Before the war, the soldiers of the Armed forces do not get used – take it for what it is, with the deaths and injuries. Or not to accept, and then faint of heart going from scratch – it’s natural selection, say the guys. “Faith we have the victory and strength, and inspiration, and dedication is. We need an order”, – the military speaks with a pseudo “Highlander”.

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In the underground the kitchen, the fighter with the Callsign “Pear” preparing lunch. “It is often not possible, as the shelling. As changed, there is free time – was quickly cooked. Products: stew, soup, tea,” he says. These guys in day of the defender of Fatherland will not watch TV, would not sit at Banquet tables in the “zero” for the soldiers it will be the usual front heavy day. “That they have in the civilian world holiday, and the holiday – cooked to eat. Stood up alive – and the feast is you. And the guys that were still alive, and has returned home to live”, – told the “Pear”.

The TSN reporter Ruslan Yarmolyuk