“I transferred two pensions”. Shocked large co-payments retirees are calling the “hot line”

From 11 October, when Ukraine began to operate the pension reform, pensioners started to list the individual payments. 5.6 million pensioners should receive an additional at 200-1000 UAH. But someone got a surcharge that is higher than the pension itself. This applies to those who have extensive insurance experience, who had a high salary, especially miners.

So lakirovanie large co-payments pensioners tear a telephone “hot line” Pension Fund do not believe that from now on they will have such high pensions. Separate recording telephone conversations posted on the website of the Ministry of social policy.


The pensioner: And something me at night is… Now had text messages. I just this morning removed the pension office.

Operator: Is your co-pay came.

Retired: This Supplement come from? Wow! And for how many months?

Operator: one.

Pensioner: one? 5 thousand supplements?

Operator: You may retire on the first list get? Or a miner?

Retired: I Have a regular pension, miner – 4075 hryvnia.

Operator: Well, come Supplement how old are you?

The pensioner: And enrolled another 5 with something of thousand.

Operator: Is your co-pay.



Retired: Yesterday the card was enrolled 6478 UAH 95 kopecks. But the fact that I retired 6-th received.

Operator: This is extra for you.

Retired: For what?

Operator: Well, the updating of pensions from 1 October. Have you not heard?

Retired: I’ve heard. So it’s two months extra fees?

Operator: No. It’s for one month, in October.

The pensioner: And how much I’m going to get pensions?

Operator: We have no such information to say (on the phone). Are you a miner?

Retired: Miner.

Operator: All miners charge a big made – for 4-5-6 thousand.

Retired: This one-time fee?

Operator: No. Fold together two amounts and it will now permanently the size of your pension per month.



Retired: my husband and I yesterday was credited to the pension card means. But the fact is that pensions in this month we have already received. I would like to clarify, what is it?

Operator: It’s an extra charge for the recalculation.

Pensioner: the allocation for what?

Operator: Since 1 October we have reform.

Retired: That is, it is now monthly? I can’t understand…

Operator: Fold the two amounts is going to be your pension for the following month.

Pensioner: Yeah. Very good. But then I thought (already in the Bank called) that something extra came.



Retired: Look, I transferred two pensions! Seen one someone else’s retirement.

Operator: No, it’s yours.

Retired: As ours? I was transferred to a pension 6 th my and yesterday added.

Operator: This is a Supplement to the pension from October 1 to clearing.

The pensioner: And I’m worried I foreign pension transferred. Me yesterday, I think, 6 million was transferred. And there were four.

Operator: Well, I congratulate you. You got the jackpot. Everything is fine. You already the fourth person to call because of the high doplat. It to the miners. They had high salaries and a great experience, plus lists.

Retired: Yes, I am a miner. 42 years of underground experience.



Pensioner: I was pensioned, as always, 3 Oct. And then on 11 October came esemeski that I once again retire sent. A pension is increased.

Operator: the first time You received your pension, and the second time you received a pension Supplement from 1 October. The recalculation.

Retired: As a Supplement? Here are my pension was 2727 hryvnias. And the second time I counted 3400.

Operator: All right. It’s an extra charge. Now this will be your pension.

The pensioner: And now I will get more than 6 Grand?

Operator: Yes.



Pensioner: I today received an amount that is higher than my pension.

Operator: what Is your new pension.

Pensioner: a pension So I’ve already got 6 th.

Operator: It’s an extra charge. Ongoing modernization of the pension. Make two amounts – this is now your monthly pension.

Pensioner: You are confused? I need to make the fact that I got the 6th number, and the fact that today?

Operator: Yes.

Pensioner: Well, are you?!

Operator: Yes, what is this, Olga Petrovna?

Pensioner: could Not my state honestly to me. Could not. I’ve used that I did not pay extra.

Operator: Olga Petrovna, you see, could!

Pensioner: No, well, let’s see.

Operator: How many you got on hand?

Pensioner: 6 th I got my usual retire – 3833 of the hryvnia. And today I the Bank sent the message that I got 4488 hryvnia.

Operator: let me check. (Pause). Olga Petrovna, do not worry, everything is fine…

Pensioner: What do 8 thousand?

Operator: Yes.

Pensioner: Oh! Your own mother! Lord, as much as the creeps!

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