US Ambassador to Ukraine showed their Kiev apartments, told about his family and favorite dumplings

A career diplomat Marie Yovanovitch was Ambassador extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the USA in Ukraine last year. And returned to Kiev for the second time. Because I have been Deputy Ambassador in the early 2000s, during the scandal with “Kolchuga” and the films of Melnichenko.

This is stated in the story Daria Happy in the program TSN.Week.

A film crew of TSN Ambassador met at his residence. the leash was holding my pet dog-a girl Scout. By this name it was called, because that is the name of a beloved literary character Jovanovic from the works of Tequila, Manenberg. She is a heroine of American literature that believes in freedom. The Ambassador said that a dog is caring for her mother and many other people in the residence.

In the hallway of the building the first thing that greets visitors, the flags of Ukraine and USA.

Passion Jovanovic, in addition to diplomacy, is the art. In Kiev she brought a lot of paintings.

“It is very formal and officious,” – says about his diplomatic accommodation in Kiev the Ambassador.

The Jovanovic prefers a more democratic style as at her home in Connecticut in the United States. She has a brother.

The Ambassador admitted, diplomacy is her favorite job. But not only for official meetings and protocols.

“I love to travel, learn new culture and art. And yet – tasty food,” says Jovanovic.

Favorite dish for the Ambassador in Ukraine is varenyky with cherries.

Recalls a vacation spent in the United States – went to the mountains in Colorado.

Collects massive necklaces and bracelets from various countries.

Says he likes to meet with friends over a delicious meal and a glass of wine (love white and red).

The Ambassador believes that the Ukrainians in the first place to fight corruption and to repair roads.

For more details look at the video.

Videopool of the USA in Ukraine told about their favorite dumplings, and strange Hobbies

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