The Briton has been on trial for an intimate photo of her lover she sent to his children

A resident of the British city Felty Laura Arnold sent intimate pictures of his former lover, his wife and children came to court.

About it reports The Daily Mail.

The woman, being married and with four children, more than a year secretly met with a man who was also married. After the break she tried to take revenge on him and posted it on their Facebook and Twitter images clutching his genitals. The next day after the publication she demanded from her ex-boyfriend six thousand pounds as “compensation for silence.”

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Arnold also stated that he had sent photos, and screenshots of the conversations to his wife and children.

The man decided not to pay the ransom and appealed to the court. As a result of the proceedings of the British was removed from communicating with the victims and a fine of £ 200.

During the proceedings the judge noted that Arnold was able to avoid jail time because he covered the genitals in the picture a few Emoji.