“Who f*Wnuk, creature.” Parasyuk the Parliament struck Geletey

Non-faction people’s Deputy Vladimir Parasyuk at Parliament building staged a fight with the head of Department of State protection Valery Geletey.

The MP saw Galatea with the guards near the Parliament building and appealed to him.

“Mr. geleta, I would say more than protection take. Would you take people, enough you think. Or you think that you here will not come?”, asked Parasyuk, reminding the head of UGO about the Ilovaisk tragedy.

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In response geleta said that he didn’t want to have a conversation like that. The verbal sparring between the politician and the bureaucrat continued.

“Get your hands off me, and I you now this’ll break your arm,” said Parasyuk, in response geleta told him something unintelligible, and went with him.

“Who f*Wnuk, bitch… Who f*WNYC? Come here,” – began shouting Parasyuk, pushing Geletey and hitting leg.

Video quarrel between the politician and the official published online journalist Eugene Capenko.

It is noteworthy that this is not the first resonant brawl involving parasiuk. Last year, after the live broadcast on one of the channels he measure the power with the people’s Deputy from the Opposition bloc Alexander Vilkul.


VideoPlayer Parasyuk no regrets about the fight with Alexander Vilkul live

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23 September 2016, 08:53