“For the preservation of the system we pay in human lives”. Groisman called on MPs to launch madrepore

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine should vote this week bills that will start medical reform.

Wrote about this on his page in Facebook Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman.

“Plenary week starts, and I see the one main task – to launch medical reform. I want everyone to realize – for the preservation of the existing system we pay in human lives”, – he stressed.

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October 4, 12:33

As assured Groysman, is too high a price.

“We must ensure quality services in our hospitals. We must guarantee to citizens that the state will pay for each treatment. We must finally allow the doctors to officially obtain decent wages”, – he said, adding that the MPs can do it, taking the bills and 6327 6604 this week.

After that, the Prime Minister appealed to “every people’s Deputy”, calling for United to start the “build a qualitatively new system of healthcare financing in the country.”

The plenary week begins, and I see the one main task – to launch medical reform. We need to provide…

Posted Volodymyr Groysman 16 Oct 2017

Recall the key points of the medical reform are: money follows the patient, doctors are paid for services rendered, medical insurance, choose a family doctor, international treatment protocols. This document needs to launch a new funding model. It involves changes in the financing of treatment, in particular, a system of state social medical insurance. The insured person can obtain medical services and medications fully or partially at the expense of the state solidarity of health insurance in healthcare institutions of any forms of ownership and individuals-entrepreneurs. Among the new products that should bring reform in the field of medicine, will be the increase in wages and new equipment for ambulance crews.