Hot Donetsk direction and a wounded Ukrainian soldier. Digest ATO

Today was the most fervent in the direction of Donetsk, where 18 attacks are recorded from 22 of the armed provocations of militants from the start of the day.

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So, fighters 5 times with different types of grenade launchers, heavy machine guns and small arms beat on Oboronna Avdeevka. From the same weapons the enemy three times fired at the Ukrainian positions in the area of the mine Butovka. Fighters ATO strictly meet the enemy from the infantry weapons. The result of one such confrontation wounded one Ukrainian soldier. Also today, three times under the fire of the invaders were the strongholds of ATO forces near the Sands, twice – near Novgorod.

Video settings Bryanka gunmen shot dead a woman in the fourth month of pregnancy

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Published by the Press center of staff ATO 18 Oct 2017

In the seaside area invaders released 4 mines of calibre of 82 mm near Gotovogo. And under granulometry enemy fire hit the Ukrainian strongholds near Shirokino and Pavlopol.


Earlier, in the area of anti-terrorist operations ceased operations informaticka of illegal armed groups “DNR”. It was found that two of the IDPs decided to work on familiar Thriller “DNR”. A man and a woman was passing information to prepare acts of sabotage against the forces of ATO on the territory of the Bakhmut and Slavic area of Donetsk region.