Nye said that Poroshenko refused to meet with representatives of the protesters

MP Mustafa Nayem said that the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko refused to meet with representatives of the protestersadvocating a “big political reform”.

Together with Nye in the presidential Administration came the deputies Svetlana Zalishchuk, Serhiy Leshchenko, Yuri Levchenko and Yuriy Derevyanko. According to Nayem, Poroshenko wanted to meet with only a part of this group (with all but Levchenko and Derevyanko).

Mustafa Nayem said that the protesters is unacceptable.

The President refused to meet with representatives of the campaign Most political reform. Come along with me Svetlana…

Mustafa Nayyem posted 18 Zhovtnya 2017 R.

Serhiy Leshchenko on his page in Facebook wrote: “First Deputy head of the presidential administration Vitaliy Kovalchuk said that it is willing to accept only three deputies – without Levchenko and Derevyanko. We do not consider it possible to participate in such meeting without colleagues.”

Recall, 17 July in Kiev representatives of different political parties protest outside the Verkhovna Rada for political reforms. The government quarter was blocked by police officers, between them and the demonstrators from time to time there were skirmishes.

Protesters demand changes to election law, removal of parliamentary immunity and the creation of an anti-corruption court. In the evening, the demonstrators dispersed, but near the Verkhovna Rada left the tent with the “organizing Committee” meeting.

Organizers of meeting declare that their action was successful , and we encourage our supporters to continue its Thursday, October 19.

Videopad Rada took the fight guards and protesters

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