10 volumes of the case Sushchenko: Feigin said when he will appeal the arrest

Lawyer mark Feigin, which protects illegally detained in Moscow, Ukrainian journalist Roman Sushchenko, called the timing of the court action regarding the content of his client’s detention.

About it writes UKRINFORM.

“Let me remind you that the period of detention Sushchenko under guards expires on November 30. Early in the second half of November, the Presidium of the Moscow city court will consider my appeal. But somewhere a week before the expiration of the period of detention will be a meeting on the extension of arrest,” – said Feigin.

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He suggests that detention would be extended for another two months.

The investigation in the case of Roman Sushchenko is finished. The lawyer mark Feigin and his client began to familiarize with ten volumes of business.

“We Roman Vladimirovich announced the completion of the investigation. It consists of 10 volumes of procedural and operational materials. Read more can not speak, because the case – classified as a state secret. My client are currently exploring the second volume,” – said Feigin.

“Sushchenko not admit guilt. And today he again refused to give themselves testify, referring to article 51,” – concluded the lawyer.

Videolibrary and the European Federation of journalists has urged Moscow to release the Roman Sushchenko

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30 Sep, 20:26

Recall, 30 September 2016, Roman Sushchenko was arrested in Moscow, where he arrived on a private trip. On 7 October he was charged with “espionage”. The FSB believes Ukrainian employee of the Main intelligence Directorate of the defense Ministry of Ukraine. Russian security forces claim that Sushchenko “purposefully collected data of state secret, the activities of the Armed forces and of National guard troops of the Russian Federation”.

The journalist denies all the charges. The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine demands from the Russian side to stop the illegal detention of Ukrainian journalists and to ensure its smooth return to Ukraine.

On September 25 a court in Russia has extended the arrest of the journalist for two months.