Groysman told about seniority and how many years he has left until retirement

Prime Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groisman to the exit for retirement remained for 21 years, while to date, his work experience is 23 years.

This writes UNIAN.

“I’m 39 years before retirement I remained for 21 years. I have work experience of 23-24 years. In fact, I left a year and a half to get 25 years working experience. By and large, if we priplyusuem 21 years, which left me to retirement and 23 years of experience, 44 years of seniority, and at the moment we need 25,” he said.

Videoangry Reva said that the recalculation of pensions will not affect subsidies

TSN. 12:00

Yesterday, 12:49

“Following the recalculation of pensions will be in 2019. It will be another step that will enable us to increase pensions. We have made some steps that have given us the opportunity to raise pensions and to make allocation for 9 million pensioners”, – he said.

Recall, modernizing the payments in Ukraine every pensioner has made an individual. And therefore, the benefits vary drastically from 100-200 UAH to several thousand. Soon all pensioners should submit an individual “letters of happiness”, which will explain how and why counted pensions.