Activists from under Parliament came on Bankova street, shouting “Peter, come out!”

Protest tension under the Parliament slept. “Self-help”, “Demalyansa”, movement “Honestly” and some parties and organizations have decided to influence MPs in any other way, says the story TSN.Night.

Under Rada there are about a thousand supporters of Saakashvili and Semenchenko. In the evening, the activists came to the presidential Administration, chanting, “Peter, come out!” and sang the national Anthem. On Bank they brought the bill about anti-corruption court.

Video”Peter, vihod!”: in the evening, activists staged a noise under the Administration of President

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To live under the open sky in the government quarter this part of the protesters going in the future. They even tried to expand the tent city, but this was prevented by militiamen. For transport, the street is still blocked.

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As reported in the morning to the Parliament building came the buses with the security forces. Netguarder came from Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Cherkassy, Kropiwnicki. They must ensure that the work of the Verkhovna Rada.