The kidnapper of the baby in Kiev told that their dead baby was thrown in the trash

The woman suspected of kidnapping a 1.5 month old baby, told the police that her dead child was thrown in the trash.

This was during the briefing said the head of state of Ukraine in Kyiv Andriy kryschenko.

The police officer said that the stolen baby found in vagonchiki at the sawmill near the village of novosilky of the Kiev region, where the roommate of the suspect works as a watchman. The baby has been examined by experts and conveyed to parents, to its health threatens nothing.

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Took someone else’s child because he lost his. Gerashchenko called the motives of the abduction of a child in Kiev

Kidnapping the woman went supposedly because a month ago her baby died.

“One theory is that she (the suspect in the kidnapping – Ed.) says: they lost the baby a month ago, threw it in the trash. Are we going to find out all these events, because the police of Kiev in recent months, did not find corpses of babies in the trash”, – quotes “Ukrainian truth” quote Krishchenko.

The consequence considers as one of the versions that subsequently the couple wanted to give up the kidnapped child for their own. Experts will check their mental health.

As previously reported, near the kindergarten in Kiev October 20, stole a little girl. Six baby daddy brought in the 606th care when I came to pick up the older child. The stroller with mensinkai he left under the stairs and went upstairs and when came down – the child was gone.

Later, the Network published a video of a child abduction. The suspect in the theft was detained October 21.

Video surveillance of the capital Obolon from left strollers kidnapped a two month old baby

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