Winter is coming: who is at risk to remain without heating during the cold weather

October 15, in Ukraine started the heating season. Schools, kindergartens, hospitals should be warm, if in these areas the temperature will drop to 16 degrees. In an apartment buildingx batteries warm if the outdoor temperature drops to 8 degrees, and will last for three days.

According to the Ministry of regional development, construction and housing and communal services of Ukraine, the cold battery is 56% of the apartments in Ukraine, and some homeowners will have to endure the cold with hardly warm batteries, according to a story Sedanca z 1+1.

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Today on the territory of Ukraine connected a little more than 40% of homes. The others are left with a cold battery warm battery in such houses – it is only a matter of time. According to the Ministry of energy and coal industry of Ukraine, in underground storage of coal and gas enough. So the warmth will sooner or later provide all who need it. But independent experts warn that even under these conditions, heat will not all.

To survive the winter with lukewarm batteries are chances of the inhabitants of certain regions who have debts for heating. And they are in the Ukraine record. That is why, the supply of gas and coal for heat supply can be intermittent, experts say.

If you regularly pay for heat, you have no debt, but your batteries are cold, ask for explanation to those organizations that are responsible for the supply of heat for your home. To waste time is not necessary, experts say, because the connection process can be long.

Earlier it was reported that the militants ahead of the winter season to block the recovery of critical civilian infrastructure in the Donbass: people may be left without gas and water.