In the capital, the patrol car ran over the pedestrian

In the Goloseevsky district of Kiev there was an accident involving a police car.

Patrol car the Toyota Prius has made arrival on the pedestrian – wrote “Guardians of espresso”.

Was the pedestrian in the crosswalk and what the traffic signal was when NASU, finds out a consequence. The victim was hospitalized with serious injuries.

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In the river the train on the move rammed a patrol car

Earlier in Odessa car of the patrol police knocked down a pedestrian.

As a result of incident 55-the summer man-the pedestrian was injured, he was taken to the hospital.

Now the reasons and circumstances of road accident are established.

Videoactivity claim that the patrolman on the police car took part in the Odessa street racing

TSN. Wounds

26 Jun, 09:13