The day after the terrorist attack in Kiev: the main target of killers called Mosiychuk

Attack think the explosion at the building of the TV channel “espresso” Metropolitan police. When a crime is committed, killing two people and seriously injured three more, according to a story TSN.19:30.

In a quiet area chokolivka almost 22:00 PM from the entrance of the house went to the street three is a political analyst Vitaly Bala, the Deputy Igor Mosiychuk and his guard Ruslan Kushnir. In this moment there was an explosion of such force that the camera stopped working for a few seconds. The ball was thrown by the blast, the wounded Mosiychuk pulled to the side, Kushnir does not touch – he is in critical condition. The Sergeant will die for a few minutes in the ambulance.

Videopokerhome assassination of MP Mosiychuk

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 19:45

Another former policeman Colonel Michael Mormile will not live until the morning – he became the accidental passers-by, just because he lived in the same house. At the time of the blast were returning from the store, Smoking a cigarette, it passed a booby-trapped bike. The explosive power is her type then say the experts, but it is obvious that the criminals did not plan to kill any one specific person, and were ready to kill everybody – the power of the projectile was dangerous to people for tens of meters around.

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Forensic and bomb experts carefully combing the area, visiting every skalochku, take samples of blood-stained earth. They found that the explosives were Packed with steel balls, most likely from the bearings. Blast wave and these balls are smashed most of the Windows of the house. Pensioner Lyudmila ol’shanskaya husband tried to get out of the house, but couldn’t – from what I have seen. “Two people were lying near the front door,” says the woman.

Most of the premises of the TV channel “espresso” are broken, leading to Miroslav young master was taken by ambulance with a heart attack. Miraculously saved two other employees of the channel – they went outside to smoke ten minutes before the explosion. Police seized video from surveillance cameras, but there is information that a scooter Packed with explosives was staged so that he was in a dead zone.

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Neighbor Valentina Drozd, who removes his potroshenaya the balcony, he knew, Mikhail Mormile. “Very decent guy” – describes it. Brother of the deceased Alexander all day soothes and treats a mother who became ill. 4-year-old daughter Ruslana Kushnir on the death of his father does not know how to inform the child’s relatives have not decided yet.

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