DILL took fourth place in the election of General relativity, won a landslide victory in the Volyn region

The party “Ukrainian Union of patriots – DILL” got the fourth party is the result of the election of deputies and heads of village and city councils of the United territorial community, which took place on 29 October.

As stated in the press service of the party, evidenced by the results of processing 92% of the protocols.

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In particular, according to preliminary estimates, the political power held by 282 deputies in 21 region of Ukraine. Thus, the level of support the party and its members is 9.5%.

In addition, it is reported that the greatest victory DILL got in the Volyn region. In particular, from Dill to local councils of Volyn entered 123 of the Deputy. Most in Zarichansky OTO – 14, Ivanichevsky and Kopachevsky for 12 deputies, Golovinskoe – 10, Dubnenskoj and Tsuman for 9 members of the Dill.

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Only local councils have passed 403 deputies, from political parties 283. The result of the Dill with 123 deputies is 43.5% of the total number of party members. Therefore, the DILL won a landslide victory among the parties.

In the 19 communities that he won the election of 11 candidates for the position of head, who were supported by the DILL.

In particular, in General relativity Boratynski defeated Sergei Erucic, Ivanichevsky OTO – Fedor Voytyuk, Golovinskoe – Nicholas, keywords. In Velichansky OTO defeated Anastasia Pavlovich, Gilichinsky – Galina Matviuk, Smidansky – Oksana Picic.

Igor Palenque won Zarechnenskiy General relativity. In Kopachevskii OTO defeated Alexander Soltis, Wednesday OTO – Siarhei panasevich, in Tsuman OTO – Anatoly Doroshuk, Lukiwski OTO won by Anatoly Klimuk.

According to the head of Volyn regional Communist party organization of the political party “DILL” by Rublev, this victory shows that “dill from the stand those people, they trust the locals”.

“Despite numerous obstacles, the candidates from Dill and candidates for the posts of heads of General relativity, which supported our political force, won a landslide victory. This suggests that the democratic forces have a chance to fight, and the newly created General relativity – for future development”, – stressed Vyacheslav Rublev.

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