It was not necessary in the Donbas to scatter. As the Network ironic because Putin’s words about the antennas:

Network jokes and sarcastic comments responded to the strange words of Russian President Vladimir Putin about the fact that foreigners allegedly collected biomaterials Russians.

Where, when, how, why and most importantly what the biomaterials collected by the citizens of other countries on the Russian expanses, the Russian leader for some reason did not elaborate.

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Lifelike, a strange dance sneakers and heels. As Medvedev became man meme

“Did you know that biological material collected for the whole country? Moreover, from different ethnic groups and people living in different geographical locations of the Russian Federation. Here’s the question – this is the reason?”, he said.

The words of the head of the Russian Federation quickly turned into a meme. Now users trying to figure out what a biomaterial is collected and where to take it to the highest bidder.

And nehrn had to spread this material around the world – from Syria to Donbass

Baba and cat (@babaikit) 30 Oct 2017

Putin: Some forces collect biological material of the Russians.

— Тoтzе (@zagibaigvozdi) 30 Oct 2017

Someone Putin again astray is: introduced. We have in the entrance for a couple of weeks a bunch of someone’s biomaterial nobody cleans.

— Bob Farber (@Bobchensk) 30 Oct 2017

pissed away all biomaterials

— enemies over the hill (@Lndcalling) 30 Oct 2017

no party for me… at first closed, then the ball is not given, nothing is impossible… require some kind of biomaterial…

It could be worse (@in2pix) 30 Oct 2017


— Maharishi (@Maharishi2016) 30 Oct 2017

It would be funny if you do not remember that he is the President

All Peskov (@Sandy_mustache) 30 Oct 2017

It would seem that we have no surprise, but no, Putin stated that someone deliberately collect the biomaterial of the Russians.

— Lentic (@oldLentach) 30 Oct 2017

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