At KCSA has promised in three days to repair the heating system, but the administration remained without heating

By the end of the week, emergency crews will repair damage to the heating and restores heating at about 400 buildings of Kiev. This was announced by Deputy head of Kyiv city state administration Petr Panteleyev, reports the correspondent of TSN.

“Virtually all the houses enjoyed the coolant, but due to damage to some 400 homes left without heating. The task is within three days to eliminate all injuries and to connect houses to heating. And go to normal mode repair damage during the day since the accident,” – said Panteleyev at the briefing directly on one of the seats of the accident of heating systems.

The official noted that this applies to homes that were left without heat because of the breakouts, and other damage. However, there is a category of homes that were left without heating for other reasons.

“Is working with those condominiums, which were left without heating due to debts. We have two more months ago, said that every Chairman of osmd should arrange in advance to have heating. But there is a category of leaders who at the last moment remembered that it is necessary to obtain the willingness to act, to check the calculations. So there are still a few homes that are now working with Kyivenergo on these fronts,” – said the Deputy head of the administration.

At the same time, there remains the problem of heating of administrative buildings, in particular, Kyiv city state administration is still not heated.

“There is a big problem with office buildings. For the first time in my memory the building are without heat because nasagasaan the price of gas for public institutions. We strong-willed effort of the Commission connected to heat schools, but even KSCA still without heating. Addressed in NERC and in the Cabinet, but decision yet”, – said Panteleev.

The supply of hot water, the official noted that in most cases water will be served along with heating during the current week.

“Without hot water and about 600 homes. Most intersect with those that are without heat due to damage, because the reasons for the lack of the same. Within three days most will connect, but will be about 200 houses, which will be decided next week,” – said the official.

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