The government explained why “children of war” does not provide additional allowances to pensions

“Children of war” not once in 2014 did not pay additional allowances to pensions in full, since the allocation of this category of citizens was purely a populist decision of the then government.

This broadcast “112 Ukraine” said the Vice-Prime Minister Pavlo Rozenko.

“At the time of political struggle 2004-2005, the then government wanted to please its voters and made a populist, unsubstantiated decision and came up with this story as “children of war”. Look at the history of neighboring countries, our neighbors. There is no such category of citizens. I understand that you during the war endured a lot of troubles. But believe me, this story is populist and by no no means. Never you, as a citizen of Ukraine, as a child of the war for all 12 years of existence of this law in full is not paid the money, did not pay pension supplements, which are written in the law. Why did not pay? Because the 2004 decision was pure populism and unsubstantiated,” – said Rozenko.

We will remind, on December 1 in Ukraine, will increase social pensions and benefits. And current retirees in the pension reform, modernize (increased) pensions from 1 October.

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