“The case of the backpacks” Avakov. The experts assessed the risks for the government and fighters

The Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov this week had to not only think about terrorists and shooting. National anti-corruption Bureau arrested his son and his former Deputy Minister.

The NAB took up the case, which long became dusty in the military Prosecutor’s office: on purchase of backpacks for national guard at inflated prices. The case has already reached the searches and preventive measure. Law enforcers say the embezzlement of 14 million.

As recalled in the story TSN.Week, Tuesday morning was unusual for Kiev and Kharkov. Police cordoned off neighborhoods, simultaneous searches in the homes and offices and eventually the arrest of the son of Arsen Avakov Alexander, former Deputy Minister Sergey Chebotar and businessman Volodymyr Lytvyn.

The case lasted for almost three years. Surveillance footage from the office Chebotar dated December 3, 2014. Counterintelligence recorded as people that look and voice similar to Chebotar and the son of the Minister, negotiate the purchase of the party of the backpacks for the needs of the Ministry. Later, the video was made public and anti-corruption bodies have started to check legality of purchase at public expense. According to NABU, the investigators revealed a corruption scheme that sewing backpacks for police has been allocated 14,5 million UAH at the stated price of one at 2900 UAH, and the cost was 550 USD. In addition, the firm involved in the production, had fictitiousness signs, and backpacks did not meet the technical requirements.

“Artisanal, in the places established by the investigation, were made backpacks. According to the expert, the cost is 500 UAH. That is, of part of the funds transferred to the enterprise with fictitiousness signs, the funds were spent in order to disguise this the corruption scheme”, – said the head of the NABOO Sytnyk.

Basically, the whole story would have been mediocre, because such schemes with big money in public procurement – a dime a dozen and crimes yet to be proved in court. However, the air shook it name – Avakov – a man who keeps under control the interior Ministry and has a decisive influence on the behavior of large fraction “popular front” in the Parliament. Then he remembered about the conflict between him and the President, who, though both deny it. Accordingly, came allegations of the use of the investigation for political struggle.

“Neither my son nor companies in which he is a co-founder, have not had a penny from the budget of Ukraine. And Alexander Avakov will be and will prove it in court. All those who want to exploit the situation for PR purposes, for their own political purposes or to solve their short-term goals answered again – will not work”, – said Arsen Avakov.

Videoart Avakov Jr. can cause changes in the relationship of BPP and people’s front

TSN. Week

Today, 20:20

Political and official associates of the Minister filled the space of Solomensky court of the capital, insisting what they want from the judges impartial decisions. As a result, all three suspects, including the son of the driver was released under a personal obligation to assist in the investigation. “My priority now is to protect my good name in court. I’m going to do as much as it will take time,” said Alexander Avakov.

So, it’s up to the investigators, who needs to finish the job and pass it to trial.

And training, and the process can take from several months and years, at least until the next presidential and parliamentary elections, when will change the names in government. And now I can speak about the political consequences for interested parties and for the country in the short term. First, the President, though not expressed his attitude to the scandal, however, can use it in political negotiations with the people’s front.

However, the pliability of Arsen Avakov in cases of dispute, domestic policy is not guaranteed. A large fraction of “popular front” with the participation of other members able to reformat the current coalition, where the voices of the presidential bloc will not be decisive.

“Perhaps Avakov will use the resource of 81 votes in the Parliament and in the end, what can they do? For example, in the first days of the session just to begin its consideration of articles of impeachment. We will observe this competition of power, which is good, because any political competition for companies – good”, – says analyst Sergei Gaidai.

Most likely, the Union of the “popular front” will still exist for some time, because an early election is disadvantageous both political forces, and laws, including, the reform is expected and the country and Western partners, to take necessary.

“I think that all of this conflict will try to put out. As doctors say, will bring down the temperature, bring it to relatively normal, but the disease will remain, the controversy will remain… I do not expect a break up. A marriage of convenience. The couple are sleeping separately, not love, sometimes hate each other, but live together. And I think that living together will be leading up to the elections – presidential and parliamentary, until a new configuration of power,” – says political analyst Volodymyr Fesenko.

The second consequence is definite and negative. During the scandal, the contradictions between the anti-corruption Bureau and the anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office. Online resource “Ukrainian truth” suggests that the Director of NABU warned interested parties about the intentions of the investigator. Artem Sytnik denies it, but in spectaculator for this reason can barely contain my rage.

“We are, coming to these posts – they knew where to go. And know what challenges to prepare. If someone is not ready, let delivers the mandate and leaves, let leaves and goes to the national economy. I made my choice and we’ll go to the end… If it is confirmed, it will be criminal liability for those who do,” – said the anti-corruption Prosecutor Nazar Golodnitsky.

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Discord among the fighters is the worst thing that could happen to new power structures that society lays hopes. In the interests of the Bureau, and prosecutors to draw conclusions from the scandal and to learn its lessons, because it works for them – a lot.

Last, but definitely positive result in another corruption scandal: everyone can see that becoming less and less “the untouchables club” in Ukraine. Tomorrow you can come to the offices of any height and the question – “who’s next?” – ceases to be rhetorical.

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