All about grants: how monetized assistance and the impact of the increase of pensions

Monetization get families who saved the state benefits in the last heating season. However, if the experiment succeeds, officials promise to introduce such a practice and the next. This is stated in the plot program “snidanok z “1+1”.

Economical grantees who heat their homes with gas or electricity, had to apply for the monetization of benefits until November 1. Exercised this right of 1.76 million households (about 90% of those who had the right). Under the monetization is subject to 1 billion 100 million UAH, according to the Ministry of social policy.

Monetization involves the payment equivalent to a maximum of 100 cubic meters of gas. Nearly 700 UAH. Maximum compensation with savings during heating by electricity will reach 135 UAH (150 kilowatts).

It is worth noting that 7 billion on subsidies saved, so funds are returned to the state budget. In General, the subsidy this year is more than 61 billion. Therefore, the Cabinet expects that in the future, the Ukrainians will be more economical. To 2018 in grants to pay for the subsidies, the officials laid 55 billion UAH.

The basic questions concerning subsidies and monetization in a live program “snidanok z “1+1” said the Director of the Department of state social assistance Minsotspolitiki Vitaly muzichenko.

– 15 Nov cash will be awarded to those who saved on heating and electricity in the last season. This is only for those who wrote the statement? And if people did not know and did not write, you will not receive anything?

This year, the government first introduced a pilot project which provides for the possibility of monetization of unused part of grant for the last heating period to those who use individual heating. The appropriate lists formed service providers, gas and electricity up to June 1 was enjoyed in the bodies of social protection of the population, which in turn held a series of outreach events has been informed virtually every family, including through telephone calls, registered letters and the like. The application period was limited to 1 Sep. But for reasons beyond citizens reason the part was not able to turn on monetization with the appropriate application. The government has decided that, subject to objectivity, why a person can not appeal, the deadline was extended to 1 November. As of November 3, of the two million households who were eligible, approached 1 million 760 thousand.

– Why not the rest?

– We analyzed: the majority – those who had a small amount of savings. That is, the citizens for the amount of 10-20-30 hryvnia did not want to apply.

– Why monetization was conducted only for those who have individual heating?

– On the monetization of subsidies had a right to citizens who have individual gas or electric heating, regardless of whether it’s an apartment or private house. Why is this so? Since individual heating is virtually 100% are equipped with individual metering facilities (counters). And we clearly can tell that this family has saved so much gas or electricity. And not all apartment buildings equipped with meters. But even if the house is equipped with a meter, it is difficult to determine which of the 120 apartments saved. It is absolutely unreal. When will be equipped with metering facilities and housing stock, we will distribute the appropriate practice for these at home.

– Started the new heating season. Disputes still is – to save or not? Definitely will give money if people are not burned extra with open vents?

– The need and ability to pay utility bills for citizens – in two planes. First – the ability for own funds – whether revenues to pay for public services. The other part costs. The less a person consumes, the less score it gets. And in the future it will need less assistance from the state. Therefore, the government strongly promotes and encourages citizens to consume less and thereby decrease the amount in their account.

– Economical to consumers of subsidies for the saved gas for heating can return a maximum of 697 UAH for electricity – up to 135 USD. How calculated these figures?

– If you are talking about gas, this amount is the equivalent of 100 cubic metres as at 1 may of the current year. Given that one cubic meter of 6.97 worth of the hryvnia, and then you have to multiply by 100, actually 700 hryvnia. In the electricity rate is 90 cents per kilowatt. 150 kilowatts are subject to monetization. Thus the maximum amount of payment – 135 UAH. Average less: 636 UAH for gas and 128 UAH for electricity.

Lots of consumers with individual heating to save gas, screwed, slept under two blankets and in the 700 hryvnia, and 150. Should I go for “cold victim” and save in the next heating season?

– The subsidy is calculated and transferred to the social norm. This heating season is 5 cubic meters per square meter of heated area. And here the social norm is applied for each region individually correction factor. Because it all depends on what village or in what area is a room. If you are talking about Sumy, Chernihiv, Kyiv (North) regions, the coefficients are 1.1 to 1.15 times. In the South – in Odessa, Kherson, Nikolaev areas – the ratios are 0.7 and 0.8. That is, it is not 5, but 4 cubic meter of gas. Temperature regimes and different energy consumption are different. As for apartments in apartment buildings, this ratio is even less. Because in a private house heated the entire area all walls, roof, floors. And in an apartment building is heated by a part of the premises, the rest is supported by neighbors. Of course, need to save. Savings should be considered in two planes. The first mechanically to reduce consumption, then screw the faucet. But worse sanitary, that is comfortable living conditions of the family. Another situation, when the family systematically goes to it and takes some measures – changing Windows, boiler warms the house.

– Will not affect whether the pension increases of the subsidies?

– This heating period in any way will not be affected. Because income for the purpose of subsidies considered for the first and second quarters of the current year, i.e. before June. For the next period, i.e. unheated, in may 2018 will take into account income for the third and fourth quarters of 2017. Accordingly, earnings for the fourth quarter, when pensions have been increased, partly affected in determining their size.

– Why not just monetize the subsidy, to not be tempted to “burn” all of the gas that is provided by the state?

– We systematically go to this. And monetization of unused subsidies is the first step, which enables to work out the mechanism and the procedure. Because to monetize all six million households at the same time difficult, because we are only statements for monetization took four months.

– Why not give me a discount on utilities? For example, such a public system operates in France.

Discount we had through 2014 acted for the entire population. Nothing good is not led.

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