Action from the battalion Carpenter confessed to how they fired at schools and hospitals of Lugansk

Lugansk fighters fired at them, occupied the city, and was subsequently accused the Ukrainian armed forces. In this confessed gunman Vitaly Vorotilin, who fought in the battalion “Zarya” under the command of the former leader of the so-called “LNR” Igor Plotnitsky, said in TSN.16.45.

Carpenter recently fled to Russia, having lost in discussions with another leader of the terrorists – the so-called “interior Minister” of the Cornet. In the conflict in Moscow was supported by the Cornet. But Carpenter seems to have decided to declare the Ukrainian secret service agent.

It is this action of his battalion explains the shelling of Lugansk homes. To do this without the knowledge of the Carpenter militants “Dawn” in any case, would not, says Vorotilin.

Videobasic battalion “Zarya” was admitted to shelling residential areas of Lugansk

TSN. 16:45

27 Nov, 17:16

A video of his interrogation posted themselves Luhansk militants from the so-called “Ministry of security LPR”. Delaying the militants from the battalion Carpenter, they try to prove that in Lugansk, allegedly acting Ukrainian subversive group.

“Dobrovitski with the call sign “Thirteenth” commanded the detachment in the company. Throughout time he has left our positions, went somewhere. I then later learned that there are attacks on schools, market, hospitals. Of course, he himself could not go. This is all without the knowledge of management did not occur”, – said the gunman.

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