The revolution “LPR”. What is behind the change of Luhansk puppets and what’s the purpose of Moscow

In the occupied districts of Luhansk region after a major showdown changed the leaders of the terrorists. After funding cuts from the Kremlin, the struggle for power by the Russian military. The head of a local “MIA” Igor Kornet challenged the leader “LNR” Igor Carpenter. All over the dismissal of the latter and his flight to Moscow. The Kremlin appointed a new puppet – Leonid beekeeper, a former employee of the SBU.

As stated in the story TSN.Week, earlier in the week in fake “Lugansk Republic” was a real Butch – the local nobility spoke about a coup. In the city center “little green men” with armored vehicles blocked the former state administration. Looks like a Ghost town, people were afraid to get under the hand, because it was clear – some bandits change others. The role of the leader “LNR” took to try outraged, “the head of the interior Ministry of “LNR” Igor cornet. A former policeman, fired in 1999 with the traffic police, challenged Igor Plotnitsky.

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Well-fed Carpenter had long been dissatisfied with both the population and the insurgents themselves. However, as a rule, long after made claims they lived. After accusations of embezzling the Russian “humanitarian convoys” dead Thriller Napping. It blew up in the car on the way to the wedding. Meanwhile, his wife Carpenter has taken over the former supermarket “ATB”, where gangster family sold the humanitarian aid from Russia. Terrorist Girkin called the meaning of life of these leaders. “We can definitely say that Carpenter certainly has an important relation to the smuggling that goes through “the Republic”, corruption, embezzlement of budget money, but most importantly – it does not matter,” – said the gunman.

Recently, the Kremlin has little reduced funding for the quasi-Republic. Therefore, the struggle for finances among the bandits only intensified. The General wanted to be Igor Kornet, head of the Ministry of interior of the so-called “LNR”. Conspiracy against himself saw through the leader Igor Plotnitsky, who first freed the Cornet, and then kicked him out of the house, which he “pressed”.

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“Although Carpenter lives in the same house stolen. His two-storey house. I’m now wondering and cornet evicted Carpenter of the same stolen at home,” asks Vladimir Pearls, Ukrainian volunteer reconnaissance.

Even in captivity in Luhansk militants Pearls talked with the terrorists, which put Carpenter. “I asked if you know that your commanders and “dad”, and dremova, and Brain killed Carpenter. Your pride is not too tight?” They said it is not yet time. Though still in command. I told them that they were just scared. I told them so, because Carpenter, the Russian army, and you in words brave. This confrontation was a long time ago. But as fear gripped it. However, now we can see the decrease in financial flows made, and the appetite remained, fight for power,” – said the activist.

Cornet after his ouster and public humiliation of eviction from stolen home went on the attack. At first barricaded himself in the building of the interior Ministry, and then he came to the aid of an unknown military. The so-called little green men according to unconfirmed reports came from Russia. Speak to help the cornet arrived and the next “DNR”.

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“Was that Carpenter – mafia venerable and famous bandit, but his own personal protection and other special forces, gangs are not enough in order to cope with the MVD. Given that Donetsk to help the Cornet sent a large enough unit rear guard Zakharchenko,” – said Girkin.

The terrorist speaks directly to the curators in Moscow, which were not consulted bandit Carpenter before retiring Cornet. “As both, so to speak, was in power not in themselves, not through popular vote, and was elected and appointed, therefore, each have their own curators and advisors. It so happened that the Carpenter began to consider themselves too important and decided that he would be able to remove the “interior Minister” without the consent of curators. It is not understood and not supported,” – said Girkin.


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After such support, which had been collected by Kornet, Carpenter was frightened at first and hid in the basement, and then fled to Russia. Rumor has it, took with itself of the cash budget pseudo-Republic, so the money retirees will not see until the new year.

Meanwhile, militants of the Cornet and began to pull the local Prosecutor’s office. They pulled some interesting facts. For example, already announced that the former Prime Minister of the so-called “LNR” Gennady Tsepkalo died in the loop, not from the pangs of conscience, and was hanged in the chamber on the direct orders of Carpentry. In a terrorist organization, the change of power is much worse than African Zimbabwe. At least there, you know the word impeachment, as in “LDNR” people dismiss a little different.

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Officially, Moscow has refused to comment on clashes between their proteges. In the meantime, the Kremlin was put in the seat of the leader “LNR” another puppet – Leonid beekeeper. The former employee of SBU, who is said to have been recruited by the Russian security services. After escaping Carpenter the next day, the new leader made a statement: “Today, Igor Venediktovich resigned for health reasons. Affected numerous battle wounds and the effects of a concussion. According to the judgment, I proceed to the duties of “head of the Republic” before the upcoming elections.”

Carpenter is very lucky to be alive. Not least because his signature under the Minsk agreements. Moscow has left Carpenter authorized from the “LC” on the implementation of the agreements, because the Kremlin is more difficult to convince someone that these puppets can be considered a party to the negotiations. By the way, one of the versions zavorushki in Lugansk is a war between the Kremlin towers. Appointees FSB had a fight with the puppets of the General staff. It turns out that there is an attack on the curator of the Donbas plan Surkov. Besides, this revolution among the militants could exploit a nearby terrorist Zakharchenko, who has long dreamed of the subjugation of the Luhansk region.

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For Ukraine dismantling and relocation of bandits can only affect the process of exchange of prisoners, which should take place before the new year. Although the beekeeper said the so – called forced resignation Carpenter will not break exchange. This is understandable, because the orders from the Kremlin were announced by Putin. To disobey his master new and old leaders of quasi-States is unlikely.

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