During the year the ingredients on the iconic salad has risen by a quarter. Infographics

In the last year has risen in price all the productsrequired for preparation of salad, which is traditional on many tables during Christmas and new year holidays.

In percentage terms, most have increased in price Morkva and pickles – they are one and a half times more expensive than a year ago. About this Facebook said the head of the Ukrainian Association of trade networks suppliers Oleksiy Doroshenko.

In the definition of “index Olivier” took into account the price of social products according to state Statistics, and other ingredients – at prices the market “Dnipro” on Borshchagovka in Kiev.

Prices on products for the preparation of salad



The price 21.11.2016

The price 28.11.2017


600 grams

UAH 2,9 (4,9 UAH/kg)

3.5 HR (5.8 UAH/kg)


250 grams

1 UAH (3.9 UAH/kg)

1 6 grn (to 6.4 UAH/kg)


200 grams

0,8 UAH (4.2 UAH/kg)

1 UAH (5 UAH/kg)

Cooked sausage

600 grams

35,8 UAH (59,8 UAH/kg)

UAH 44,9 (74,8 UAH/kg)


5 pieces

9, 7 grn (UAH 19,5 per dozen)

11,9 UAH (23,8 per dozen)


500 grams

UAH 15,3

24,3 grn

Canned green peas

420 grams

To 21.2 UAH

23,6 UAH


270 grams

14,3 UAH

16, 7 grn


Almost 3 kg

101 UAH

127,5 UAH

“His name, and along with his appearance Olivier salad is obliged by the talented French chef Lucien Olivier. Few people know that at first Lucien Olivier invented a dish called “mayonnaise venison” and for cooking where the dish was vykladyvanii slices of fillet of grouse and partridges, mixed with jelly cubes from the broth. Lay the cooked crayfish tails drizzled with a special sauce and in the center is superimposed a small mound of potatoes and marinated artichokes, adorned with chopped eggs, which are actually not meant to eat, and was just part of the decor. That’s why our traditional Russian salad is different from that prepared by the famous chef” – said Doroshenko.



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